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Communicating With Compassion

So many people have the intention of communicating skillfully. They want to listen and respond, and perhaps give advice, in ways that enhance and build relationships, whether at work or at home.

And yet, so many conversations go bad. It might be at work, where lack of skillfulness costs you a client, a promotion, or the cooperation of co-workers.

It might be at home, where you want to listen lovingly and empathetically to your spouse or child, and can’t seem to say anything right.

Or perhaps a friend came to discuss something and walked away upset and frustrated at how the conversation turned out.

And if you are in the helping professions, I don’t need to tell you what happens when you don’t listen skillfully.

Tired of having good intentions and not getting it right?

Communicating with Compassion gives you the expertise to help you translate your good intentions into reality. We offer tools for effective, heart-centered communication that will enhance your life in all areas.

Two Kinds of Conversations

Casual conversations do not require the skills of Communicating with Compassion. All one needs in those situations is openness, honesty and common courtesy.

It is when emotions are present, or when the conversation is charged, that the skills of Communicating with Compassion are crucial.

You are speaking with somebody who is
· Wrestling with a dilemma
· Sad or pained about something
· Worried or concerned
· Simply needing to share and be heard

To be of help in these kinds of conversations, good intentions are not enough. Have you ever listened as best you know, only to have the person walk away saying, “You just don’t understand”? Or perhaps they politely thanked you, and yet you knew in your heart that your attempt to help went nowhere, or possibly even left hurt feelings behind?

If you make a communication mistake and then say, “I meant well”, it is meager comfort to the other person. If you have ever been in a conversation that went downhill in spite of your best intentions, you know how painful and upsetting it can be to both parties.

There is no need for that to happen. Communicating with Compassion provides you with the tools for skillful, effective, heart-centered conversation.

We also alert you to some of the key mistakes in communication, so that you avoid the kind of pitfalls that well-meaning but unskilled people fall into.

These skills are immediately applicable. Watch as they enhance your relationships, at work and home, and allow you to experience greater happiness in all areas of your life.