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Compassionate Spirituality Course

Are you seeking a spiritual path, unencumbered by layers of ritual, by belief systems, and by things that no longer make sense?

Are you looking for a ‘clean’ spirituality that lifts your spirit and connects you to your loving heart and to God?

After a mere 35 years of searching – a search that took me all the way back to the earliest layers of my spiritual tradition – I have found something that is deeply meaningful to me. And I think it will be deeply meaningful to you as well.

I am pleased to announce a new course: “Compassionate Spirituality: Reclaiming Values-Based Religion”.

I welcome to the course Jews, Christians, other faiths and “just spiritual.”

The first module is titled “The Blessing of Abraham.” It looks at God’s call to Abraham (Genesis 12:1-3), and asks: “Why Abraham?”

The answer to that question is hiding in plain sight. When we uncover it, the insight shines as bright as it did when Abraham and Sarah first taught it. And it is the first key to a loving, heart-centered spirituality.

Duration: 4 sessions, 1:15 hours per session, for a total of 5 hours.
Cost: $75-$125 (find your comfort level).

AOP students can receive credit for the course.

Come sample the first session, as my guest (that is, no cost), and see if it calls to you:
Wednesday, March 20, at 2-3:15 PM Eastern (11 am – 12:15 pm Pacific).

Missed the first session? The make up, still as my guest, is on Thursday, March 28, at 2-3:15 PM Eastern.

Spiritual Intensive Course

The purpose of the Spiritual Intensive is to foster a heart-centered approach to life, in thoughts, words and actions. The Intensive guides participants to: a sense of gratitude and trust towards God, and an approach of “Love your neighbor” towards other people.

Participants learn to: notice their negative thoughts and words and shift to a heart-centered place of gratitude, trust and positivity; see the world as “for us” rather than “against us”; and become aware that our thoughts, intentions and mind-set play a highly significant role in how physical-world reality evolves.

Another focus of the Intensive is that every interaction is an opportunity to practice “Love your neighbor”. This is true not only when we act with kindness towards another but equally when we assert our needs or set our boundaries. Whatever we do can be done from an inner place of love. This also includes learning to see people with compassionate, non-judgmental eyes.

The prophet Micah (6:8) taught: “What does God ask of you? ONLY to do what is just,to love kindness and to walk humbly with your God.” To “walk humbly with your God” includes things such as gratitude, trust, non-judgment, etc. And all interpersonal behavior is included in “doing what is just and kind”, which in turn are the ways we express “love your neighbor”. These are the spiritual truths of the universe, and the goal of this Intensive is to guide participants in that direction.

Technical details:
Location: Live Zoom video conference
Duration: 13 or 26 hours
Cost: subject to application process and the Instructor’s approval

AOP students can receive credit for the Intensive

For more information contact the instructor, Bernard Uzi Weingarten, at: uziteaches@aol.com or at 310 625 6139.

As with all my courses:

Sessions are recorded so you can review or listen if you miss.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you do not think you received exceptional value when the course is over, tell me what was unsatisfactory to you and I will refund your money.

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