“I highly recommend Rabbi Uzi’s Communicating with Compassion course. Uzi is a masterful teacher. His course has changed my life both personally and professionally.

The Art and Craft of listening and communicating compassionately, especially in emotionally charged interchanges can be difficult. In Communicating with Compassion, Rabbi Uzi artfully teaches learn-able skills and provides students time to practice new ways to listen and respond. This the one of the most important classes I’ve ever taken.”

Shayna Caul, New York City, ALEPH Haspa’ah student

I attended Uzi Weingarten’s course, Communicating with Compassion, close to ten years ago. It is a wonderful course. Just recently I had a big argument with my adult son, the kind of argument that could have sunk our relationship. Fortunately, I recalled the skills I learned in Communicating with Compassion (ten years ago!) and was able to apply them. Thanks to those skills the argument ended well, and things are fine between my son and me. I highly recommend you attend this course.
Dr. Mary Reed, Lancaster PA

I have served as a congregational rabbi for thirty years. For ten of those years, I was also a law enforcement chaplain. I have a well-deserved reputation for being an outstanding pastoral counselor, and in my law-enforcement work I diffused several crisis situations through my communication skills. These were skills I should have learned in seminary, but I did not. I learned them through studying Communicating With Compassion, taught by Rabbi Uzi Weingarten.

I began by accepting Uzi’s standing offer of two sessions of the course as a gift. I fully expected it to be the same things I had been taught many times before. Instead, fifteen minutes into the first session, I realized that this course could change my life, and it did.

Uzi is the most gifted teacher of communication I know, and is as gifted a teacher of Torah as I have ever met. All of us who work with people need to excel in the areas of Uzi’s expertise. His gifts as a teacher, of both Communicating with Compassion and Jewish Spirituality, will transform your interactions with others in every facet of your life.
— Rabbi Benjamin Sendrow, Carmel IN

I highly recommend this course as an opportunity to learn some extremely valuable skills that will help you improve communication in both your professional capacity and personal life.
Uzi teaches a way of communicating that is truly heartfelt, and that will have a powerful impact on your ability to connect with people.
I found this course to be life changing, and have taken it twice to reinforce the skills and concepts into a new communication style and way of being!

– Deborah Lesk, Toronto, Canada, ALEPH Rabbinic Student

I participated in these calls last week and the week before, and was absolutely astounded (and delighted) at how masterfully Uzi teaches. Such a gentle being! A whole new dimension has opened for me in my coaching skills, filling a HUGE missing piece I didn’t even realize existed.
– Susan McMann, Sacramento CA